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Another dual band mobile radio from China, specifically Luiton LT-598UV. It is a 75 watt dual band mobile, but actually putting out around 80 watts across the entire FM portion of 2 meters. And at a comparable price to other China models but more power output.

In this video I am showing a couple of neat tools I picked up to aid in my quest to finish learning CW. MFJ has a bunch of pieces of gear for CW, that will appeal to a wide range of operators.

A quick video here showing the newest digital SWR/Power meter I picked up from MFJ. Pretty much the same as my cross needle big screen unit, but digital.

Here in this video I am checking out a pretty neat device, simply named the “Digital Modem” for HF PSK31/63/RTTY/CW modes. This will streamline your setup when you are QRP portable, SOTA etc. Running on 2 AA batteries for a whole weekend, and my $6 ebay roll-up keyboard, I can connect this to my Yaesu FT-817 and work the world on PSK/RTTY with minimal equipment, and all battery power. Check it out.

This year at ARRL Field Day 2017, we got to check out an awesome home built satellite tracker for tracking amateur radio satellites, done by Jerry K4WOF. Can be operated remotely via 2.4g wireless, and monitored remotely with a 5.8ghz camera. This really is an impressive tracker.

This video gives you an idea of what ARRL field day is like, on the beach in South Florida. Of course, this field day we like to gather and have fun, so in between the operating, there is a lot of stuff going on. The video here is 27 minutes long, but I had over 2 hours on my SD card. So i had to cut a lot out.

A quick look at the new Icom ID-4100 dual band D-Star mobile transceiver. To sum this thing up, it’s like having an
ID-51 plus 2 in a 50 watt version for your car, with a couple differences. Menu structure is almost the same, it has the access point and terminal modes, but you have a selection of different colors for the LCD backlight. Thanks to for letting me take a look at this.

Who hasn’t heard of the Icom IC-7300 yet? When this radio came out, I was about the first on YouTube to check it out. Since then, I have talked to countless people that said: “I loved your video, and i purchased that rig based on your video. It’s the best radio I have owned..”
Well, that makes me feel good. This is Icom’s best radio to date some would say. Built on an SDR based platform. Check out how easy it was to open this radio up and get to operating.

Who loves the 50mhz/6 meter band? This year on the VHF contest weekend in June, I managed to knock out a couple hundred contacts on 6 meters using my Hy-Gain LFA (Loop Fed Array) 4 element yagi. Check out this video for a look at how this band works if you are interested in becoming a 6 meter junkie.

Some footage on operating the 6 meter contest weekend in June 2017.